Bishops Push for Catechism Update, Again [+Book Sale]

When we catalogued the most recent contortion of the Incredible Melting Catechism last year, we mentioned how its Exceptional Elasticity will continue to ensconce any number of novel doctrines. The Vatican itself, after all, has insisted that the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) “is not a static expression of doctrine, but a dynamic instrument” (Directory for Catechesis n. 192).

So! What could be more fitting than to dynamically update its moral doctrine on human sexuality? Thus have ze German bishops demanded recently, per the reporting of CNA: they are apparently clamoring for a change on – you guessed it – homosexuality.

Now, one could hardly blame the Vatican for acquiescing to this demand for change from a council of bishops – such was, after all, the reason behind the CCC’s first creation, as stated by Pope John Paul II:

[O]n 25 January 1985, I convoked an extraordinary assembly of the Synod of Bishops for the 20th anniversary of the close of the Council… On that occasion the Synod Fathers stated: ‘Very many have expressed the desire that a catechism or compendium of all Catholic doctrine regarding both faith and morals be composed’…. presented in a ‘new’ way in order to respond to the questions of our age. (Fidei Depositum)

Yes of course, let the melting continue. Collegiality demands it! The spirit moves where it will, after all – though what manner of spirit, we daren’t say.

Fortunately, we can rejoice that classical catechisms continue to make a comeback at many publishers these days – clearly, there’s an interest out there. This makes it all the more fascinating to observe how many larger Catholic publishers (Ignatius, Pauline, etc.) that run any number of post-Vatican II catechisms still refuse to offer any catechisms that predate 1962.

It’s almost as if… as if…

…well, draw your own conclusions.

This is why we continue to promote the Tradivox project – the clarity and continuity that comes across from classical catechisms stacked up, side-by-side, is a direct refutation of SquishyChurch. Thus, if Bishop Schneider’s outfit achieves even half of what they’re aiming to, their work could make a major difference for the preservation and propagation of the Faith in the days ahead.

We’re looking forward to running a review of their new Volume II that includes the Douay, Bellarmine, and Sadler catechisms from the 1600s. As of this writing, they still have some blemished copies available:

Tradivox Volume II – 50% discount

Whatever solid old catechisms you prefer, and wherever from, remember: as the Church’s earthly structures come down with hastening speed in these times, keep the old standbys ready to hand.

And bravo the restoration!

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