Bishop Kevin Rhoades, Consequentialist Extraordinaire

The President of the National Catholic Bioethics Center recently gave an interview saying that the J&J vax has “definitely the worst ethical profile that a vaccine can have.” Other arch/bishops, priests, and theologians in the US and abroad have condemned it by name.

Bishop Kevin Rhoades of Indiana, however, thinks the JJvax is just fine. Maybe less desirable, but just fine. “An act of charity,” in fact.

Does that sound familiar? It’s almost incredible what we wrote about this same bishop, four years ago here. You just can’t make this stuff up.

+Rhoades is yet another in a long line of consequentialist bishops, in whose eyes an ill-defined human dignity is the highest good to be served – that is, with the exception of the weakest and most disposable among us: the unborn. Never mind that some of the cell-lines in question were extracted in a way that we won’t describe here. Horrific. How can any man become numb to these realities?

One wonders if +Rhoades would have the same PR face on, if the cell lines were known to have been harvested from Jews in a concentration camp. He’s rather fond of “concelebrating” with them, after all.

+Rhoades’ communicatio in sacris of 2/20 with Rabbi Paula

If +Rhoades is a Catholic, he’s anything but “pro-life.”

Maybe Catholics for Choice should give him a call.

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