Health-Technocracy Rising

As the religious backdrop we outlined here, here and here finds daily confirmation, we ask it again:

If this were a religion, would forced conversion look any different?

And if this is not a religion… what is it?

from Justinian’s Digestum Vetus c. 1300

For those still convinced that “normal” is just around the corner:

“This is medical martial law” – what it already looks like abroad, important Irish video here (before the censors get it).

“At a time when Americans are starting to suspect a COVID-industrial complex with an entrenched interest in permanent lockdowns, out comes Joe Biden with a very bizarre video tweet from his newly appointed CDC director” – read the rest and watch the short clip here.

The new tyranny strives to adopt a face that is deeply and tenderly human – a face that is anything but disturbed, cruel, deranged.

But every so often… one may catch a glimpse.

Nam et loquela tua manifestum te facit.

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