New TLM Resource (It’s About Time!)

In the midst of the current ecclesiastical meltdown, it is edifying to see any occasion of intelligent Catholic resistance out there. Here is one heartening dose!

As reported at LifeSite and elsewhere, a new resource was just launched for Catholics – one that some WOR contributors are fortunate enough to be involved with, so we are happy to toot the horn on what looks like proof positive – Sophia Institute Press must be waking up. Check this out:

Benedictus is a monthly, pocket-size devotional, packed with classical excellence. The website calls it “The Traditional Catholic Companion.”

For those familiar with the Novus Ordo “Magnificat” magazine, Benedictus looks like a fairly similar resource. The difference, of course, is that Benedictus is based on the Roman Mass and Breviary… you know, the liturgy that was not – as folks continue to learn – the “banal, on-the-spot fabrication” of a committee staffed by heretics, freemasons, or worse.

And talk about uniting the clans… Somehow Benedictus has endorsements from FSSP, ICKSP, +Viganò, +Schneider, +Strickland, The Remnant – pretty much everybody. (But no SSPX? Too “canonically irregular” perhaps. Pepto Bismol might help. Will they ever get a seat at the good-guys table?)

The format looks quite beautiful. See their one-week sample issue here.

Veterans already devoted to the old Mass and its piety will find a great complement here. In addition to Latin-English Lasance missal texts, there are daily portions of Lauds and Vespers from the Roman Breviary, plus meditations for ever day, additional sections of prayers, chants, catechesis, poetry… it all looks top-shelf. For those who can’t afford a full set of Gueranger, Parsch, etc., this could be an excellent source for liturgically-themed daily meditations from the best authors, as their FAQ page says they’re only curating content from before the Inglorious Revolution. Smart triage.

Newcomers to the old Mass will find a clean and clear “missalette” format here, so they can easily gain their bearings at a first-ever Latin Mass, or as they warm up to their own hand missal. The propers and commemorations are already placed, so the heavy lifting is done. No ribbons, page-jumping, or thick rubrics to trip over; just a linear read-through, one for each calendar day. Elegant design for the connoisseur, simple enough for children.

This could be a huge boost for reclaiming our liturgical heritage!

What an undertaking. A project like this, making the traditional Mass and Breviary more accessible for Catholics seeking their true homeland and sacred heritage, is exactly the kind of work we’ve been trying to do here at WOR. It is very much needed. Bravo!

A little stack of Benedictus copies at church entrances would be brilliant for expanding TLM communities – and Sophia is shipping free bulk boxes to any church or chapel that asks, so email them here and request a crate for your own location.

Their full website:

Bravo the restoration!


  1. You had me unti your prejudice against the SSPX came flying thru.  If +Vignano can defend them why can’t you? JT

    Si Vis Pacem-Para Bellum   Semper Fi Alto quien vive!!(Anyone on the battlefield who is still alive, stand up and fight!!)


  2. I wonder whether this includes Orwellian terminology such as “Extraordinary Form,” or if it includes encomia to any—ANY—postconciliar popes. If so, not interested.


  3. This same type of devotional was attempted about 8 years ago and failed. I believe that Tridentine “Magnificat” clone was called “Laudate” and suffered from lack of funding.

    I do hope that this endeavour succeeds.


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