Old Willy; or, the Belgian Apostasy

The presumed Successors of the Apostles in Belgium have approved liturgical blessings for sodomitical unions, as at the Bishops’ site (archived) here. Letter and prayer service outline here.

From Diane Montagna’s working English translation of the above (doc version here):

The pastoral attention of the church community concerns first and foremost the homosexual persons themselves. Along the at times complex path of acknowledging, accepting and positively living their orientation, we want to remain close to them. Some remain celibate. They deserve our appreciation and support. Others choose to live as a couple, in lasting and faithful union with a partner. They too deserve our appreciation and support. For this relationship too, though not a church marriage, can be a source of peace and shared happiness for those involved.

The Flemish bishops want to structurally anchor their pastoral commitment to homosexual persons and couples. … The bishops have appointed Willy Bom­beek for this purpose.

Believers living in a stable homosexual relationship desire respect and appreciation within the faith community. … Pope Francis calls for people’s conscience to be valued and supported, even in life situations that do not fully live up to the objective ideal of marriage.

During pastoral meetings, people often ask for a moment of prayer to ask God to bless and perpetuate this commitment of love and fidelity. What content and form this prayer can concretely take is best discussed by those involved with a pastoral leader.

For example, this moment of prayer could proceed as follows:

  • Opening word
  • Opening prayer
  • Scripture reading
  • Engagement of the two people involved. …
  • Prayer of the community. The community prays that God’s grace may work in them to care for each other and for the wider community in which they live. For example:
  • God and Father, we surround N. and N. today with our prayer. You know their hearts and the path they will take together from now on. Make their commitment to each other strong and faithful.

Heresy Promulgated?

Note how the bishops maintain the existence of “homosexual persons” – that is, a different type of human that God has fashioned on earth – one whose personal fulfillment lies precisely in acts contrary to natural and divine law. Thus, sodomitical relationships “though not a church marriage… can be a source of peace and shared happiness for those involved.”

This, contra Rev 21-22; Rom 1; 1 Cor 6; Gal 5; Eph 5; 1 Tim 1; Heb 12, etc., etc., etc…

Put simply (if a bit crassly): These bishops are heretics, or Scripture’s an arse.

Evil Commanded?

Now, make a careful re-read of that closing prayer.

The Belgian bishops here propose a prayer for the blessing and continuation of grave scandal, if not actual sodomy.

That is, officeholders in the Church have commanded an evil. A liturgical evil.

A syllogism would seem to follow:

A. The Church cannot command evil.
B. The Flemish bishops, officers of the Church, have commanded evil.
C. These bishops are not in the Church; i.e., they hold no canonical authority.

There seems to be only one possible objection (which ought to sound very familiar by now), namely: The above is not a binding juridical document, and therefore cannot be taken as “a command of the Church.” This would accost the bishops as grave public sinners, but not as outside the Church, per se.

The Flemish bishop signatories to this document are therefore at least participating in sins crying to heaven for vengeance, if not also guilty of heresy, schism, or apostasy.

In Any Case…

These bishops should be subject to the most severe canonical and civil penalties for promulgating error, offering grave scandal, and endangering the stability of the commonwealth by endorsing unnatural acts subversive of civil order.

In the laws of old Christendom, they would be given the chance to recant and redress their errors. Failing this, they could be publicly executed.

Their fate today? Probably ecclesiastical promotions for all involved.

Kyrie, eleison!

One comment

  1. It is hard to imagine that the Belgian bishops have officially approved the blessing of homosexual relationships without being sure of the pope’s support. It is very likely – given the pope’s general administration tactics – that Pope Francis “confidentially” encouraged the Belgian bishops to issue this document. It is true: the Roman Catholic Church in Flanders no longer exists. It has degenerated into an anti-church. Believers who want to remain faithful to Jesus and His Gospel will have to go “underground” and find faithful (and persecuted) priests to administer the sacraments in hidden places.
    The diabolical nature of the LGTB agenda will become even more apparent very soon. Now homosexuals are “celebrating” that they can receive a blessing in the church over their relationship. Soon, however, they will find even this blessing “inferior” and “discriminatory.” Why can’t they have a “real” marriage, while a man and a woman can. Next, polygamists, pedophiles, necrophiles and all sexually devastated people will demand their “rights.” And no one who will still be able to make a reasonable argument against their “demands” since the door of hell has been opened wide.


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