Pinch of Incense: Vatican’s New Directive on “Moral Responsibility to Vaccinate”

We may have missed something in the blistering news cycle of late, but other than the CDF’s generic flimflam on the moral liceity of pokey-pokes last December, we’re unaware of any official Vatican directives for the promotion of experimental serums on a mass scale.

But, it’s here. Saints preserve us.

It’s a whole Vatican-compiled “Kit” to train Catholic clergy to become sanitarian heretics, stumping for the new morality of the ascendant world health technocracy.

The pdf kit itself is found in English here, announced at the Vatican base page here from the recently-hatched Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development.

Here is the Dicastery’s announcement text:

In times of coronavirus and “great human and socio-economic viruses,” the Church is called to walk with others on a “journey of healing,” bringing “light in the midst of darkness, […] justice in the midst of so many outrages, […] joy in the midst of so much pain, […] healing and salvation in the midst of sickness and death, […] tenderness in the midst of hatred […] to ‘viralize’ love and to ‘globalize’ hope in the light of faith” (Pope Francis, General Audience, 30 September 2020).

We must “rediscover once for all that we need one another, and that in this way our human family can experience a rebirth, with all its faces, all its hands and all its voices” (Cf. FT, 35).

For this reason, the Vatican Covid-19 Commission prepared a resource kit for all the Church leaders, in order to help local Churches to face this tough times of pandemic.

The following resources are designed to support parish priests and staff in diocesan offices and health and social service agencies. Here it is possible to find information about the COVID-19 vaccine for varied audiences, resources to support the preparation of homilies, relevant quotes from Pope Francis, links to useful information, and short messages for websites, parish bulletins or other media. A Family Guide to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is designed to help local communities and to counter misinformation.

Dear Reader, do you smell propaganda?

Let’s try a few direct quotes from the document, along with some screenshots:

Without vaccines, we and those around us, especially those who are most vulnerable, are at risk of serious illness

In today’s world, infectious diseases can easily cross borders and infect anyone who is not protected. This means no one is safe until everyone is safe in a pandemic.

Being vaccinated safely against COVID-19 should be considered an act of love for our neighbour and part of our moral responsibility for the common good.

Vaccination, through rigorously tested vaccines, is safe, and side effects from a vaccine are usually minor and temporary, such as a sore arm or mild fever.

The benefits of vaccination greatly outweigh the risks, and many more illnesses and deaths would occur without vaccines

To be protected, you need to get one of the authorised COVID-19 vaccines and continue practicing physical distancing and hygiene measures.

You should continue to wear a mask, wash your hands regularly and keep your distance from others for as long as your government or local authorities recommend.

But… but… what about the morality issue? You know, the whole infanticide thing?

Ah, it seems the Dicastery wants to equip “Church leaders” for such “challenging questions,” too:

They must have read our Melting Catechism article. They almost plagiarized it!

From elsewhere in the Vatican kit:

The Pontifical Academy for Life reaffirmed in 2005 and 2017 that clinically recommended vaccinations “can be used with a clear conscience and that the use of such vaccines does not signify some sort of cooperation with voluntary abortion”; the moral responsibility is to vaccinate in order to avoid serious health risks for children and the general population… in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, all vaccinations recognized as clinically safe and effective may be used.

“Thanks, Excellency. Couldn’t have done it without you!”

Does Nuremberg ring any bells?

In light of the continuing cascade of vaccine-related injuries and deaths arising from the panicked reception of such experimental and at times demonically produced serums – to say nothing of the infringements of civil liberties surrounding their requirement – exactly how indemnified are these “Church leaders,” now that they are being organizationally directed to command the reception of such injections?

isn’t it high time that somebody shouted at these men, in the only language they know: that of Mammon?

Hierarchs locked up our churches for fear of litigation. They denied Our Lord and bowed to Caesar, depriving the faithful of Mass and the Sacraments for fear of fiscal penalties.

Now, it’s time their fears came true. Somebody please sue these psychopaths.

No wonder Aquinas says the punishment for sacrilege must be pecuniary… will they ever learn to fear God, otherwise?

Saint Monica, pray for us…

And bravo the Restoration!


  1. The entire document is a tissue of lies, about the fake plandemic, about the”vaccine” that isn’t a vaccine, and about the DEATHS and crippling injuries and INFECTIONS caused by the non-vaccines. “Moral” conclusions erected on a foundation of genocidal propaganda are just an added layer of criminal fraud.


    • The picture that is rapidly emerging is that the spike protein, which is the real infectious agent, is itself synthetic and was linked to a corona virus carrier to be used as a vector. The mRNA pseudo-vaccines instruct the bodies cells to replicate the spike protein, a process which may be impossible to shut down. This spike protein can be shed and passed on to other non-vaccinated subjects through the breath or close physical contact, (as confirmed in Pfizer’s own internal documents), causing the upsurge in covid 19 infections and deaths in many countries. These next “wave” of infections are invariably falsely ascribed to new “variants” of the Sars Cov-2 virus. If there is a case for quarantine, it should apply to those who have received these diabolical genetic manipulation devices.


  2. Given Bergoglio’s zeal in promoting all things “Great Reset”, including death death-dealing vaccines, one wonders about the possibility that the Vatican is benefiting from the “generosity” of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation?


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