FYI: A Few Good Book Sales (and is Sophia “Red-Pilling”?)

Here at Whispers, we love a good book sale.

Catholic philosophy, theology, and spirituality are our top picks. Major novels and other classic literature are a close second.

Especially old used calfskins. Reprints are good, too.

SO, every now and again we see sales at book publishers or resellers that we think are worth passing along. With Advent coming (hooray!), here are a few that we have seen:

  • Loreto has a bunch of heavy discounts at their homepage, and they usually clean house at year end. Everything on offer there is worth reading, resells or originals. Guard your wallets!
  • Advent bundle at TAN here, and keep an eye on their latest from Coulombe, they may discount that one and it’s a winner biopic.
  • Keep an eye on Angelus Press, they’ll likely run a sale over their usual (well-picked-over) clearance section here. Their Denzinger is still the best printing out there.
  • It’s too bad Baronius hired a cover designer with weird taste, because their classics line is so good. And of course Divine Intimacy is the best devotional on anybody’s shelf. They also have the best Ott and Sheehan currently in print (but they’re never on sale, more’s the pity.)
  • Angelico Press has a rather eclectic, hit-or-miss (and often more scholarly) set of offerings, but there are some real gems in there (Mosebach, Emmerich). None on sale yet, but they’re known to run them.
  • Augustine Academy Press – homeschoolers everywhere, if you didn’t already know, this little family publishing outfit is pure gold. Treasure and Tradition of course, but there’s more. Plus they print in small batches, so they always have sales here.

There you go, some usual suspects.

But now check this out…

Sophia Waking Up?

When we saw the previously novus-ordo-happy-dappy Sophia Institute Press run off with Infiltration and then take on the powerhous Tradivox series, we did a little more digging – and found a curious pattern among their more recent and upcoming releases:

  • Kwasniewski on Eucharistic reverence
  • Classics like Scupoli, Fr. Gabriel of MM, an illuminated Imitation of Christ
  • Critiques like Infiltration and Prodigal Church


…are they getting some real sophia over at Sophia Press? “Red-pilling,” as it were?

We pray that it be so, because one lesson is clear throughout Catholic history: when it comes to preserving and propagating the true Faith, never underestimate a publisher. An outfit with Sophia’s reach and platform could make a huge difference for the restoration of authentically Catholic faith and life. (They also have a major sale going here.)

Let’s pray that Sophia and every other “big name” Catholic publisher comes all the way out of the general postconciliar coma to join the land of the living…

and Bravo the Restoration!


  1. I bought Sophia’s illuminated Imitation of Christ a while back. Beautiful. Inexplicably, however, it does not include Book IV.

    Deep Church has been in my Loreto cart for a few weeks. Could be time to buy.

    Thanks for the alert.


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