She Cannot Fear. She Lives Now on the Mountain.

Take heart, fearful soul, whatever may soon come in this vale of tears.

Have we begun to live yet on the Mountain?

“Best leave off with that one, you won’t get anywhere. One of those kooks and cranks – nothing can shake ’em.”

“But we’ve got orders… haven’t you tried sterner methods?”

“Every method. I’m telling you there’s no breaking that one.”

Some will go sooner, some later.

And this little soul…  far from safe, but far from true danger. Why fear what’s coming? She belongs to Him. The ashes of palms are on her forehead, and she is leaving soon.

Her life is already hidden, and none can harm her.

She cannot fear. She lives now on the Mountain.

Mortui enim estis, et vita vestra est abscondita cum Christo in Deo.
(Col 3:3)

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