“Why the Reform of the Reform is Doomed”

Another article-share from OnePeterFive, this one from Dr. Peter Kwasniewski on a topic dear to us here at Whispers, namely the Roman Rite.

Why the “Reform of the Reform” is Doomed

It presents one of the more concise and readable “layman’s guides” to the incoherence and violence involved in a so-called Reform of the Reform project, a theme we have taken up here and elsewhere.

A worthy excerpt from the 1P5 piece:

A “beautiful, reverent” Novus Ordo is as much a product of the choices of its celebrant as is a bongo-drum clown Mass or a suburban talk show with a bevy of EMHCs… If the priest were to celebrate the new Mass “in continuity,” he would be fostering an illusion of continuity that largely does not exist, whether one views it euchologically, ceremonially, or phenomenologically; he would be artificially extending the lifespan of an entity that is better off dying. Yet if the same priest were to celebrate the new Mass “in discontinuity,” letting it “be itself,” he would thereby contribute to the breakdown of Catholicism’s internal identity and the custodianship of its inheritance. In short: damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Check out the full article.

Or, if one prefers a simple demonstration, watch Fr. Deibler’s SoundEffect Mass or Rock Mass, and then ask: could or should this priest offer a “more reverent” Novus Ordo… and why?


And Bravo the Restoration!

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