Yes! Dead Bishops to the Rescue

As the Roman Trainwreck continues unchecked, we continue to lament the inaction or complicity of even many “good bishops” out there.

Some say that in our time, the only entirely trustworthy Bishops – the only shepherds who will steadfastly proclaim right doctrine, uphold right morals, and offer right worship today – are dead.

If that’s true, then it’s high time we heard from the dead.


Have you seen this?MASTER_Tradivox Master Logo_reg

Apparently for several years now, a Catholic group has been working on recovering official catechisms from across the last millennium.¬†International archives, microfilm, the works. They have titles that most of us haven’t heard of.

And guess what? Each one teaches the Faith.

Now they’re republishing the old catechisms as a single set, and building some kind of digital doctrine tool that will be… well… traditional. Solid. Reliable. Coherent.

You know, Catholic and whatnot.

Check it out (video):

Whatever one’s assessment of Bishop Athanasius Schneider, the project itself has tremendous potential – the old catechisms are a critical standby for the doctrinal dark age into which we’re rapidly descending, and getting these texts back into the hands of the faithful at precisely this moment in history is a strong countermeasure.

We’ll be looking forward to referencing the Tradivox volumes here at WOR, in our own Clarion Catechisms series.

For, as we’ve pointed out before, the catechisms of yesteryear sound just a wee bit different from the “updated” kind of things one reads nowadays…

Melting CCC

Bravo, Tradivox!

Bring on the dead bishops, and Bravo the Restoration!




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