Popes Should Honor God, Not Gaia

Gaia worship in the midst of the Catholic fold has been a fad since the Sixties. 

You know it’s a sticky fad when an Archdiocese like Toronto has no problem televising a Mass formally praising Gaia during the closing hymn.

And now, in other news…


Francis Enacts Pagan Rites in Vatican Gardens

False worship, approved by a bishop in white before a global audience, and broadcast on the Vatican news channel.

Is no one else concerned for this man’s eternal salvation? Are none of his episcopal brethren concerned? Why are they silent before such deviance?

And colorful deviance, to boot: feathered headdress, carven idols, shaker sticks, circle dancing, ecstatic-y incantations, talismans, tree planting, the works.

Note how part of the Vatican ceiling literally crumbles right afterward.

Note that Francis plants an oak tree. Quercus ilex. The same family of tree worshipped by German pagans when St. Boniface chopped that sucker down a thousand years ago.


One scarcely knows where to begin making reparation for these horrors, but bear in mind that this will be small fry compared to what is likely in store for the official Masses of the Amazon Synod itself, beginning Sunday.

Alas, Lord God! Alas for Thy Church!

Why the Novus Ordo Matters

If you, Catholic fellow-traveler, are not yet awake to the full scope of the current ecclesiastical crisis – and particularly if you are unfamiliar with or far from the Traditional Latin Mass – we beg your understanding and forgiveness for the abrupt transition here, but we must press an urgent point:

This has everything to do with the Novus Ordo Missae (NO) of Pope Paul VI.

See, if the NO is acceptable as a licit form of Catholic worship, there cannot be any objective condemnation of false worship rites of any kind – acts regarded in Scripture and Tradition as intrinsically evil. The two hang together. If the Novus Ordo ain’t wrong, then there ain’t no “wrong” in worship.

We develop this at greater length herehere, and here.

Also, as an aside, if the whole “non-Catholic worship = intrinsically evil” doctrine is news to anyone, here’s two dozen traditional catechisms on the subject to get you started.

It should come as little surprise, then, that the immediate effect of the NO’s promulgation in 1969 was the importation of pagan ritual elements across the globe, continued to our own dayThe point is that the Novus Ordo cannot be regarded as an integrally Catholic rite in se. There is no coherent theological demonstration to the contrary. This conclusion has nothing to do with it’s ability to confect a valid Eucharist, nor its legal imposition by papal fiat under Paul VI. It has everything to do with its contra consuetude craft and content.

The Novus Ordo can only be historically and reasonably regarded as a rite of false worship, and subsequently, its informed use must needs be an offense against the virtue of religion. Yes, this changes everything. It already has.

Yes, it means that millions have languished for the past 50 years under a grievous form of ritualized superstition (the specific scholastic categorical term applicable here), suddenly planted (although never juridically required) throughout the Church decades ago. As the situation was and remains unprecedented in kind and scope, much of the Novus Ordo’s use by well-meaning Catholics may likely be one of inculpable ignorance (though arguably less so in the case of the clergy, especially after Summorum Pontificum) in terms of its valuation as a moral act.

But note – ignorance can’t stay inculpable for long. Not in the Information Age.

Christ calls us to moral perfection. Right worship is the first and highest of man’s moral duties. So why is any Catholic resigned to even the possibility that the NO might be displeasing to Our Lord? That it might just not be our highest and best?

Is He only worthy of greatest honor when it’s convenient for us? When it won’t cost us too dearly? Tell that to the English martyrs. Or any of the martyrs.


Furthermore, according to St. Paul and the scholastics, the divine punishment proper to false worship is a particular twofold scourge: homosexuality and intellectual confusion. From the Summa Theologiae, emphasis added:

“…[T]he sin against nature is less grievous than the sin of idolatry. But since it is more manifest, it is assigned as a fitting punishment of the sin of idolatry, in order that, as by idolatry man perverts the order of the divine honor, so by the sin against nature he may suffer confusion from the abuse of his own nature.” (ST II-II, q. 94, a.3)

One can’t find a much more accurate description of what’s transpired in the earthly Church over the past half-century, wouldn’t you say?

Sacrilegious Imperialism

We maintain that the Amazon Synod’s true endgame is to permanently entrench the apparent legitimacy of “deeply inculturated liturgy” within the Church universal. Liturgical relativism. This is the extinction of the notion of right worship altogether, the abdication of all liturgical tradition, the papal license of liturgy as perpetual workshop – the work of human hands. Indigenous rites will be performed throughout this synod on the world stage, held up as exemplary, maybe even a bit “formally encouraged” by the final documents. Too soon for “required”? We’ll see.

Recognize, first, that this wickedness was already nearly complete under Paul VI, when the faithful did not walk out of the NO en masse. The Amazon Synod is Msgr. Bugnini’s wildest dreams come true. Its liturgical manifesto will be the exact antithesis to the true Roman Rite, the perennial Catholic liturgical tradition.

Our forebears may escape the blame for not walking out of the Novus Ordo from the get-go. The important thing for us is to walk out now. Seriously, walk out now.

Because rites of false worship are coming to a parish near you. 

And why not?

If you go to the Novus Ordo, you already attend one.


Coming Soon: Cause and Effect – Of the parishes that performed ritualized bloodletting of infants during Mass. Don’t believe it? Believe it. The priest approved, and bishop may have. No official rubrics condemned it. Was it wrong? Not any more than the Novus Ordo itself… 

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