Buzzword Immunity Boost: Amazonia Synod Edition

With all the ecclesiastical fireworks of late, the Pan-Amazon Synod has fallen off the burner for many. Perhaps that’s for the best.


But as many commentators (bishops among them) have already pointed out, the upcoming Synods on Amazonia and Youth portend disastrous direction and content, as will continue to unfold if they are allowed to go forward.

Regarding this Pan-Amazon Synod in particular, we expect something incredibly wicked is cooking. More on that to come.

For now, we limit ourselves to cataloguing the impressive array of revisionist protologisms, tergiversations, and semi-theological jargon contained in the relatively brief preparatory document, just for the record.

After paring down the list, we found ourselves wondering if a word-association engine would even guess “Catholic Bishop” as a possible author (that might be an enlightening experiment). “Liberal Ideologue” would doubtless rank higher – although “LGBT” was notably missing. The Youth Synod picked it up instead.

In any case, below is our reduced list of eighty, in alphabetical order.

As you read, just recall that this is a document ostensibly drafted by Successors of the Apostles, whose task is to guard and govern the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, extending the reign of Christ on earth. Keeping this in mind will help the faithful to understand their own justifiable reaction: “What the hell?

act of cosmic love
integral conversion
integral ecology
autonomy and self-determination
integration process
change in the historical paradigm
intercultural spirituality
joy and zest in living together
collective memories
life of the universe
colonizing mentalities
life-giving harmony
comprehensive interpretation
living center of the universe
concrete realities
mercantilist vision
contextual closeness
mirror of all humanity
criminalization of migrants
cultural biodiversity
mystical meaning
cultural identity
cultural identity and values
networks of solidarity
new ideological colonialisms
different pastoral agents
new ministries and services
discerning new realities
new paradigm
diverse ancestral worldviews
new paths for pastoral care
diverse spiritualities and beliefs
non-inclusive urban development
ecclesial essence
official ministry for women
ecological conversion
embracing all human contexts
pastoral and social creativity
principle of discernment
experiential microstructures
process of domination
ferocious neocolonialism
re-appropriation of ancestral wisdom
forging a new history
reciprocal listening
future shape of this Church
relationship with the ecosystem
harmony with the environment
social inequalities
socio-environmental crisis
identity of the cosmos
spirituality of communion
incarnated universality
structural and personal changes
“incarnate Son” [sic]
the advance of this world
inclusive dialogue
theological nodes
inclusive ministerial action
unity in diversity
inculturated pastoral ministry


New Paradigms are coming. Buckle up.



  1. I do not see these words: God, Jesus, Christ, holiness, salvation, etc. the words listed are from some new age cult.


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