Recommended: A Fine New Article by Peter Kwasniewski

The Whispers blog has been a bit quiet lately, as we continue tweaking and adding to the new resource site – many thanks to our readers near and far, for the many excellent recommendations to foster access to Catholic tradition!


In any event, although we seldom employ this blog for bare recommendations of other articles, we do so with gratitude today.

Catholic theologian and liturgical scholar Peter Kwasniewski has just penned an eminently clear and insightful articleat New Liturgical Movement that compares the Byzantine rite of Mass to the traditional Roman rite and the Novus Ordo.

His article includes a simple comparison chart distilling these findings (a resource similar to one of our most popular downloads here), and although choosing only one salient excerpt is difficult, we offer the following:

“[T]he Novus Ordo could be offered in a quasi-traditional way, whereas the Byzantine and Tridentine liturgies must be offered in a traditional way — there is no choice in the matter. In that one difference alone, we can see the almost infinite gap that separates the modern Roman Rite from any historic rite of Christianity, Eastern or Western.”

Are you still reading this?  Find Kwasniewski’s entire article at the link below:

The Byzantine Liturgy, the Traditional Latin Mass, and the Novus Ordo — Two Brothers and a Stranger

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