+RESOURCE: Liturgy Comparison Chart

We’ve been asked a few times to do our own “quick-view” of liturgical changes made in Pope Paul VI’s Novus Ordo Missae, so we did a simple, one-page handout.

A snapshot is below, and the pdf is downloadable here.

*NOTE: By design, this handout is not an apologetic piece for the Traditional Latin Mass. Neither is it a condemnation of the New Mass. We’ve kept this resource to a bare chart indicating only formal differences compared across the Vetus Ordo, the rite created in the Anglican schism (“Cranmer’s Rite”), and the Novus Ordo.

Those familiar with the work of Reid, Davies, Fortescue, and others will recognize our indebtedness. Further comparative study titles are suggested in the handout.

   Could make for a helpful conversation starter…

Charting Liturgical Change_snapshot1.png


  1. Love the chart: Liturgical Change, but I would make one correction. I attended a very good Catholic grammar school 1961-1969. We always called the Vetus Ordo; “The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass”, whereas the chart just deems it the “Mass”. The contrast is basically the concept of sacrifice vs supper.


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