Key Resources: Pass Along!


Per others’ recommendation, we will be adding a separate resource page to this site soon – but in the interim, we wanted to revisit two important ones:

  • Traditional Catholic Baptism Program. We made our own answer to a long search for a very particular resource: purchase by electronic download, then customize and print any number of personalized Traditional Catholic Baptism Programs for your family and friends! We feel this is also a great religious education resource: English translations, orthodox explanatory notes, and additional prayers included. If you want a discount code or a free sample, just ask.
  • Traditional Catholic Top 40 Reading List. Thanks to Steve Skojec and the crew at OnePeterFive for snazzing up our Tradition-friendly¬†reading list and making it available to a wider audience here. Deepen Catholic knowledge of the Faith, and gain more insight on the contemporary situation of the visible Church.

So there you have it: two great resources to pass along, with more in the making.

Bravo the restoration!



    • This looks like a fantastic edition, and thank you for the recommendation. We have purposefully avoided Bible recommendations in our Top 40, as this could be a resource “directory” all of its own.

      Say, now there’s an idea…


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