The Sanitarian Heresy

“And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held.” (Rev 6:9)

As public health quickly becomes the dominant state religion in these United States, one will continue to find devotees among the Catholic clergy. To the shame and defamation of the Catholic name, its supersession in our sanctuaries will continue to be carried out by the ordained, with the unprecedented prioritization of merely natural goods (physical safety) over the cura animarum, with various justifications under the heading of obedience to any ruler (provincial superior, diocesan bishop, state governor) but God.

And clergy will continue turning to the civil power to enforce their own complicity:

  • OHIO: Priest calls police, has Catholic dad and his 2 year-old son removed from Mass for not wearing a mask here
  • ILLINOIS: Priest threatens Catholic mom of 7 with arrest if she enters the church without a mask here
  • MISSOURI: Priest calls police, forcibly removes Catholic mom of 11 for being in church without a mask here

Alas, if only every priest had this kind of zeal – but for Christ and his Church!

In any event, the Sanitarian Heresy will not remain content with individual obeisance; and while legitimate disagreement may still be had on whether or not these “public health concerns” have truly religious connotations (if one could even expect the materialist zeitgeist to be religious in the classical sense), one recalls that historically, religious persecutions have always been concerned with externally verifiable tokens of allegiance.

That said, we propose the following


If this were a religion, would forced conversion look any different?

Emerging Globalist Health-Technocracy?

UNITED STATES: Officials demand vaccine mandate, threaten to cut food and housing benefits for non-recipients here. Government app to track vaccination, contacts, movement, compliance, ready to launch here. The Great and Terrible Fauci on globalist reset of everything: “Now is the time to do what you’re told” here.

ENGLAND: Covid app for tracking contacts, movement, compliance launched here. Police forcibly disperse a London baptism here.

MALTA: Bishop endorses heretic’s “prayer for putting on a mask,” recognizing its “sacramental nature” in twisted mockery of traditional Catholic vesting prayers here.

CANADA: Police hotline for neighbors to snitch on non-compliant home gatherings here. PM Trudeau calls for the global reset of everything here.

AUSTRALIA: Lockdowns, curfews, forced police entry into cars and homes for non-compliance here, arresting moms in their pjs in front of their children here

NEW ZEALAND: Government mandated quarantine camps here

ITALY: Anti-lockdown protests continue, some police conflicted about it here

ROME: Police use water cannons on anti-lockdown protestors in Rome here

GERMANY: 100,000s protest lockdown in the streets here, arrests continuing

FOR REFERENCE: Original 1950s study on Communist practice of mental enslavement upon American POWs here. Chart comparing those methods to the current covid measures:

More strangeness ahead, no doubt.

May God give us the grace to act well, and for His glory.

…and Bravo the Restoration!

[UPDATE: The coercion chart we originally found online had bad links on it. We repost an edited version above.]


  1. “…historically, religious persecutions have always been concerned with externally verifiable tokens of allegiance.”

    Great point. Masks are the new incense. “Just burn a few flakes to our gods and you’ll live.”

    Related, can non-Catholics be—or remain—bishops or popes?


    • Great question. By definition, “bishop/pope” and “non-Catholic” are mutually exclusive. One must be in the body of the Church to validly govern said body.

      It gets a bit more complex when one wades into the gap between formal/juridical defection from the body (legally becoming a “non-member”) and material/interior defection from the body (sinning in such a way that one becomes a “non-member” in the sight of God).


      • It makes perfect sense that one cannot be the head, or part, of a body of which he’s not member. The implications of this are astounding. For example:

        Popes must be Catholic.
        “Pope” X is not Catholic.
        Ergo, “Pope” X is not pope.


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